VS Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret is really all about the way they do everything is such a big, bold and beautiful way. Over the years, they have never ceased to stay relevant even down to their models and fashion shows. Now Victoria Secrets is presenting also their VS Credit Card in a big way as well. The VS Credit Card is a four tiered card which has the following levels: Angel Card, PINK Angel Card, VIP Angel Card and the Angel Forever Credit Card. When you are approved for the VS Credit Card, you are then able to earn points and rewards within the store. Also with the card, you are able to have birthday as well as anniversary benefits. You could even have the chance to be on the Angel Forever Panel and participate in some very exclusive sales as you rise through the different levels of the VS Credit Card.

When it comes to the different VS Credit Card offers, you would probably need to know that the PINK Angel Card is only able to be found in certain PINK locations. When it comes to the VIP Angel Card you need to know that you are only upgraded to this status once you have been able to collect 500 points using your current VS Credit Card. Finally, the Angel Forever Credit Card happens to be the card that you can only upgrade to once you have been able to collect up to 1,000 points with your current VS Credit Card. Of course, as with most cards that have tiers, the higher you go with your card status the more benefits you will get along the way.

The APR is definitely not its finer side as with most merchandise cards. The way to benefit the most from the VS Credit Card and cards like this is to make sure to keep your monthly balance either really low or at a zero balance if possible at all times before the end of your month period. At least there isn't an annual fee with the VS Credit Card though to make anything difficult. Dealing with late fees at any period when you have your VS Credit Card definitely isn't the way you want to ever go when it comes to making sure your account is where it needs to be.


As with all other types of merchandise cards, the VS Credit Card provides is own versions of promotions and rewards that have helped make the VS Credit Card such a staple in the lingerie business for many years already. All of the longstanding Victoria Secret followers are appreciating the VS Credit Card because it really takes care of the patrons that shop the Victoria Secrets store locations. Even though the APR is indeed high like other merchandise cards, the benefits are apparently outweighing the APR in this case.  If you aren't sure or aren't really a fan of the Victoria Secrets catalogue then more than likely you won't understand and/or appreciate what it offered with the VS Credit Card.